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About the


about us

Ragin’Madness are Giulia Rubino (ex Teodasia, Eliseum, Made of Sun) on vocals and lyrics, Paolo Braghetto (Shine in Ash) and Fabio Compagno (ex Teodasia) on guitars, Alex Manta (Algol) on bass guitar and Francesco Forin (Owl of Minerva) on drums.

Angry, arrogant, irreverent, mad enough to be able to kick the world in the ass  and to be ready to party hard always, RM are an explosion of pure energy and adrenaline that violently breaks out on and off stage during their gigs, which become real shows whose main purpose is only one: to rock out hard and have fun.


Brainchild of the guitarist and main composer Paolo in Spring/Summer 2014, RM are not only a band that mixes the glorious sound of hard rock with more markedly metal and southern influences, but also and above all a way of living which has owned the philosophy of rock’n’roll as its mantra.

Less than a year after its birth the band records a completely self-produced debut EP that consists of three tracks, one of which is the single “Today I feel inspired” of which the official video-clip is released in Spring 2015.